How it Works

Custom Framing by House Call

graduation packageYou simply call and speak directly to Jeff Medler, owner and professional designer about your project.  He will ask you a few questions about your thoughts on how it might be framed, colors, frame types, where it will eventually hang.  Then, you agree on a date and time for him to come to your home or office.

Based on the phone conversation, Jeff will bring an assortment of frame corner samples and mat boards for your consideration.  A side benefit to the house call approach is that Jeff will see both where it will be in your home or office, but will also see other elements such as your furniture and other framed items.

Knowing in advance the context in which your new piece will be displayed makes for a better frame design solution, one that will match or compliment everything else it will share space with.

Design Frame on Call,  a better way to do Custom Framing!

Call Jeff at 585-281-0615

to discuss your project and arrange for an appointment