Photo Restoration

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Nothing brings back a good memory like a photograph. And here in the shadow of Kodak, everyone knows how radically photo technology has changed. Photography is no longer chemical… it is Digital. But we all hold onto our family photos no matter how they were made. The problem is, older photos may have faded, cracked, ripped or wrinkled, or worse. That used to be a big problem. Not any more!

Family After

The digital revolution has changed all that. These days, thanks to computer technology and some very talented practitioners, damaged and discolored old photos are being brought back to life.

The restored images are amazing! Faded faces from years ago are brought back to life. Kodachrome snapshots from the 1940’s look like last summer’s vacation pictures. Grandparents’ formal wedding portraits can be made presentable again.

Design Frame offers digital photo editing, various visual enhancements and fine Giclee printing virtually any size, on a variety of conservation grade papers.

Digital editing enables us to restore your damaged photographs to their original condition.

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Repair services include:

  • Fixing tears and cuts
  • Smoothing out folds and wrinkles
  • Removing the effects of water damage and mold
  • Correcting color and density to faded and/or discolored photos
  • Seamless knitting together of photos that have been torn apart

…and we can print them smaller, the same size, or larger than your original print.

Additional enhancements can be added to your photographs including:

  • Colorizing black & white photographs (in whole or part)
  • Digital tinting to simulate old fashioned hand tinting
  • Converting color photographs to black & white
  • Making black & white images print in sepia tone
  • Portraitizing (isolating subject and creating depth)
  • Removing unwanted objects (or people)
Car After

Of course, the finished prints are suitable for framing. We’d be happy to help you with that.